Gatis Ozols

Deputy State Secretary on Digital Transformation Issues at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Government CIO. Responsible for national and government digital transformation policy & strategy development and steering. The current focal areas of the team are public service digital transformation, government ICT governance & government as a platform implementation, and building an ecosystem to fuel the data economy.

Hans de Moel

Director at the Biometrics Institute

Hans de Moel was appointed as a Director of the Biometrics Institute in 2016, actively promoting the Institute’s mission of responsible, ethical and effective use of biometrics.  Hans is a chemical engineer with extensive experience in biometrics, document examination and border control and has worked for the Netherlands Forensic Institute, the Ministry of Defence, and participated in several FRONTEX Working Groups.

Claudio Kavrecic

Head of the Operational Support System Unit

Claudio Kavrecic joined Frontex in July 2007 and worked in the Operations Division of Frontex as Head of Air Border Sector, leading external border operations the EU airports until January 2018. Since, he started the Centre of Excellence in Frontex and participates regularly in ICAO, European Commission and INTERPOL meetings related to document and identity fraud.

Jack Hamande

Director General at BOSA

Jack joined the FPS BOSA in 2021 as Director General Digital transformation. Jack holds a master's degree in industrial and commercial psychology from ULB with a specialization in organization development. 


Liis Vilde

Sales Director Nordics and Baltics at Veridos GmbH

Liis Vilde is a seasoned sales professional with over 17 years of experience in high security printing industry. She had helped her customers to get the most secure documents and innovative plastic cards. Liis is a sales director of Nordics and Baltics at Veridos, which is a joint venture between German companies Giesecke+Devrient and Bundesdruckerei. 


Ēriks Vismanis

Head of the development of IDs and related technological solutions at LATVIA, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

Since the realization of the first e-passport project (2007) identification documents, their creations, personalization and related IT solutions have become my call and challenge at the same time. My experience includes the successful implementation of three generations of e- passports and two generations of national ID card projects in Latvia.

Vincent Gourmelen

Director of Sales, Marketing & Strategy - Government at Linxens

Experienced in different technological fields such as: M2M, Industrial IOT, GPS, security printing, issuance system, microcontrollers, operating system, biometric identification, card manufacturing.


Olatunji (Tunji) Durodola

Founder/Executive Chairman at URBAN ID

UrbanID is a project offering a robust disruptive Personal Identity ecosystem, built for Personal Identity across borders with mutual recognition. Security and Data Privacy are our watchwords. We will NEVER compromise on the demands to maintain and sustain the highest standards for Person Identity and Assurance expected of us.

UrbanID is about creating a new world of Identity Management.

Udo Sommer

Manager Regional Marketing at Infineon Technologies  

Udo Sommer is working at Infineon Technologies as Regional Marketing Manager for Central and Eastern Europe. In more than 20 years in the smartcard industry he gained a broad knowledge about the market and solutions for eGovernment projects.

Infineon Technologies

Oliver Hitz

Senior Consultant at secunet Security Networks AG

Oliver Hitz has spent his whole career in the id document and border control sector, starting out as a working student during his studies at the Technical University in Munich. His first full time role was developing border control software, followed by different positions in technical consultant roles at different companies with a high focus on solutions regarding security documents, border control and especially biometric systems. At the moment he is supporting secunets customers to build solutions in anticipation of the Entry-Exit System launch in Europe.

Secunet-Protecting Digital Infrastructures, Germany’s leading cybersecurity company.

András Horváth

Sales Director Government Business Unit at Jura JSP GmbH 

András Horváth is a lawyer by profession, who works as the Sales Director for Jura’s Government Business Unit. Before joining Jura, he had already been involved in the field of photo-carrying documents as a Special Advisor for the KYC unit of an international bank. Since joining Jura he has been responsible for the global promotion of ICAO-recommended software-based graphical art solutions to crossprotect the portrait with the document data.

Seyit Ali KAYA

Regional Manager at Iris ID Systems Inc.

Seyit Ali Kaya is the Regional Manager of Iris ID Systems Inc., overseeing Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Türkiye. With two decades of professional experience in information technology, telecommunication, analytics, and biometrics, Seyit Ali has made significant contributions to various multinational high-tech companies and spearheaded numerous national and regional projects. His expertise spans diverse domains, including smart cities, data centers, telecommunication, border management, and biometrics among others.

Sergey Yeliseyev

Head of government eID unit at X INFOTECH

Sergey counts with 15+ years experience in the smart card and identity document business. Prior to setting up X Infotech in 2006, he worked in sales positions at a major Nordic software and services company. As a highly experienced top-level executive, Sergey is recognized for his infinite dedication and in-depth commitment to eID projects. He has consulted companies, governments, and closed million dollar deals across the world. Sergey holds a Master in Computer Science. Wonderful father of 3 kids, and a marathon runner.

Antonello Mincone

Business Development Director at Neurotechnology

Antonello Mincone is the Business Development Director for Neurotechnology. He has more than 18 years of experience in the biometric industry, working in direct contact with leading system integrators for national biometric systems worldwide. He has developed fingerprint-matching algorithms for both large-scale systems and innovative microcontrollers, and he has academic experience with iris recognition algorithms as well.


Rein Süld

Program Manager at the Information Technology and Development Centre at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior (SMIT) 

Head of IT architecture with 12 years experience in banking and public sector. Broad expertise in e-banking, biometrics, identity management, telecommunication, software development management, security architecture.

Edgars Stafeckis

CEO & Co-founde at TrustLynx

As the CEO and co-founder of TrustLynx, Edgars is working to make the digital world more trustworthy, secure and beneficial for people and organizations. After over ten years experience in banking and enterprise software business, he has focused on introducing an innovative solution that helps many organizations to digitalize, automate and innovate in their digital business using trust services in a highly secure and efficient way. A passionate innovator and entrepreneur with sometimes great sense of humour who enjoys meeting new people, achievements from his and his teams work, as well as spending time with his family and meditation in nature.

Ingus Staltmanis

CEO at Undecim

For over 20 years, Ingus Staltmanis has worked in IT with banks, fintech, telco, and blockchain projects. He has a wide network in the European Union, as he has worked with leading companies in the industry.

Rocío Martínez Vidaurrázaga

Regional Director at Entrust 

Rocío Martínez Computer Engineer, Master in Software Engineering and CISA certification. She has more than 15 years of experience in the Information Security sector, specializing in Digital Identity solutions: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Identity Management, Encryption, Electronic Signature and Authentication.


Amaury Chasseux

Head of Product Management – Identity BL at SURYS – IN Groupe

Amaury Chasseux is heading the Product Management team of the Identity Business line in charge of developing SURYS and SPS solutions. He holds a Master degree in Materials Engineering from the French University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), and also studied management in Denmark. Amaury is working since more than 14 years in the high security document field and before joining SURYS in 2017, he spent 3 years at Arjo Systems where he was in charge of Cards and e-Passports for major government projects.

IN Groupe

Mark Erlich

Senior Expert at e-Governance Academy (eGA), Estonia

Mark Erlich has almost 20 years’ experience in electronic identification, digital signatures, and related technical solutions. Involved in both technical and legal tasks throughout his career, he has acquired good skills in public sector IT solutions and building e-Governance. Mark has been working more than decade for Estonian Government, by improving national eID systems and implementing eIDAS regulation. Currently Mark works at e-Governance Academy as Senior Expert and helping countries around the world with digital transformation.

Roland Eichenauer

VP of sales and markting, eID Solutions at Nets – part of Nexi Group

Roland Eichenauer is an international sales and business development professional within the Financial industry with a track of +20 years of experience across Europe. In his current position at Nets he is leading the Business Development team for Digital Identity, Value Added, and Trusted Services - offering outstanding Digital Identity solutions and Value Added Services for remote digital onboarding by Identification, Authorising, Authentication, and Signing in European territories.

Sigurd Reiss 

Head of ID & Government at AustriaCard

Starting with founding of a tech start-up after university, my life changed and I joined the industry as a career changer. After a brief excursus in project management, I'm now heading up AustriaCard's global ID & Government business.

Arnis Pērkons

Head of the eServices division at the Latvian State Radio and Television Center

Arnis Pērkons is responsible for the operation and development of trusted services in Latvia. Arnis has several years of experience in product development, including mobile apps and programs. He is one of the participants of the European Digital Identity Wallet (EDIW) project team and is working on the first Latvian EDIW, which will also provide e-Identity, electronic signature and eSeal functionality.

Irina Stoica

VP Sales Europe

Irina Stoica is Vice President Sales Europe at Laxton. She has worked in the technology sector for over two decades, focusing on identity and biometrics for the last ten years. Irina specialises in providing top-tier identity solutions and has successfully managed highly confidential, critical projects. She will offer valuable insights based on her extensive experience and Laxton's projects in the identity domain.

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